3 weeks status

The pups are now 3 weeks old, and since last update they have moved from the quiet room upstaires down to the livingroom. They need more noise and input, and with 3 kids and lot’s of visitors they sure get that in the livingroom.
The puppy pen is divided in two, and will grow with them. Now they don’t need that big space. And they have started to train going to the toilet box.
Last Monday mom Farah suddenly became sick. Fever and not wanted to go up from the puppy pen. She got breast inflammation. So she got antibiotics, and I sat by her side 24/7 in 4 days and 2,5 nights without almost no sleep. I lay on warm cover, massaged and made sure that one pup was on the that breast all the time. And Thursday it got better, and yesterday even better. So we are so happy.
Mr Brown is pretty much smaller than the others, so he got some nutritious gel and now he is growing a lot. In big litters it’s often one of two pups that are much smaller than the others. I remember Farah’s brother Fidelis and sister Frida was premature when they were born, but they are stunning big Ridgebacks now. They also were 12 in the litter.

When the pups are 3 weeks old we start to welcome visitors to the pups. Up to now it’s only people that Farah know well that have been visiting.

Here are some pics from the puppypen in our livingroom.

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